Disposable pallets

No licence is required to produce disposable pallets as these pallets are of a slightly lesser quality and much cheaper than standard EURO pallets. Disposable pallets are built with single use in mind. Disposable pallets are recommended for transporting and storage of goods as they feature quality workmanship for convenient storage at a lower price.nie.

We supply disposable pallets made out of grade I, II or III elements. We can alter the number of boards part of the deck according to customer requirements. Our standard production runs include pallets with five, six or seven deck boards as well as close boarded pallets. Disposable pallets are also available with an IPPC certificate.

Our standard range includes disposable pallets with the following dimensions:

  • 1200x800
  • 1200x1000
  • 1200x1200
  • Half-pallets 800x600

We are also able to produce other custom disposable pallets. Feel free to request a quote.