About us

The roots of Drewpol Sp. z o.o. Sp. K. can be traced back to 1995. Initially it operated from a residential property. In 1998 the company moved to a rented facility in Bystra Podhalańska. Elements made out of wood were produced in a production hall using simple equipment. Initially it was predominantly active on the local market and it operated out of small industrial areas. During its early stages, the business focused on the production of elements made from wood and sale of biomass generated as a by-product of wood processing.

2005 was a breakthrough year. It was then that the industrial site in Jordanów was purchased and construction of production halls began in 2007. Building works were completed by 2009 and the company head office was moved from Bystra Podhalańska to Jordanów. The purchased site was developed and specialist production lines began producing elements for pallets and disposable pallets. In 2011 the company purchased further sites to expand its operations. These were used to build two production halls. One was designated for production of elements for pallets whilst the other focused on the production of certified EPAL pallets. In 2014 the company invested in two modern sawing lines. These boosted production speed and flexibility and made it possible to produce more elements for pallets of different specifications.

2018 saw a number of investments aimed at improving production both on the supply side as well as the production process itself. A new production hall was erected in 2019. It was fitted out with another EPAL pallet production line doubling the company's production capacity. 

A drying facility was also built the same year. This increased the number of drying chambers where timber could be dried to four. Roofs were pit up to facilitate storage.

By bringing together our extensive experience and production facilities, our top quality products satisfy even the most discerning customers. Currently the company is pursuing another investment strategy, as a result of which the range of goods and services will see a significant expansion, adding to the attractiveness of our business as a potential business partner.

We are focused on dynamically expanding our production capacity and production automation both for pallets and elements thereof. Striving for customer satisfaction is a very important aspect in the company's day to day operations. This entails both the supply of excellent products and fast production tailored to the needs of customers. The company boasts certificates confirming the quality and reliability of our products. These include FSC, PEFC as well as a licence for the production of EPAL pallets.

Initially the business operated only on the Polish market. As time went by it began exporting its products to foreign markets winning customers in many European countries. Today the company is active in: Italy, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Estonia, Slovakia, The Czech Republic, Great Britain and it is constantly looking to expand its sales to other international markets. Drewpol's major advantage is that it works with numerous manufacturers from across a number of industries and is able to tailor its production to meet their requirements.

Production process stages

Currently our enterprise has extensive production facilities at its disposal able to quickly and flexibly manufacture pallets and elements for pallets. We can produce practically every size of board or square sawn timber according to customer specification. We hold a licence for the production of EPAL pallets as well as an IPPC certificate which confirms that the technical and organisational facilities within our sites ensure pallets are produced in compliance with European Union's phytosanitary requirements. Pallets are manufactured on two EPAL pallet production lines and two production lines for disposable pallets and custom pallets.

Company history